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Spring Street Photography – Day 2

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Spring Street Photography

My friend Nick is visiting from Seattle. He always brings an assortment of cameras. This time he brought a Ricoh GR for me, and we’ve been taking advantage of the good weather to get some street shots.









009 / 365

I didn’t post photos for a couple of weeks there. I was traveling in California, and my best friend came to visit me in New York. Excuses, excuses. Unfortunately, this year of photos might turn out to be longer than a calendar year, but I’m going to keep it up nonetheless.

Here are some recent street shots from Manhattan.






008 / 365

008 / 365

Street bike in Harlem

street bike

138th and Frederick Douglass

corner of 138 and Frederick Douglass

005-007 / 365

I’m behind a little bit this weekend, so I’m combining three days into one post. Not sure why I’m behind, since my responsibilities this weekend include going to a party and taking care of cats. Plenty of time. Maybe that college athlete video was right–you really are more productive when you have moreĀ responsibilities. But then of course you’re also stressed out.

005 / 365

concrete wall with drain and stains

006 / 365

mannequin and cut tree

007 / 365

Sandy wreckage, six months later

broken seadoo on beach

004 / 365

Freedom Tower is nearing completion. Here it is on a rainy day from just outside J&R Electronics.

Freedom Tower on a rainy day

click for larger version

003 / 365

Business and pleasure

business man and chill man

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