Late 80s Canon EOS

I’ve been wanting an old film SLR for a while now, but I didn’t necessarily want to throw down money on one. Eventually I lucked out, and my stepmom gave me her old Canon EOS 750, which she had planned to throw away. 

I really like this camera. At first, I was a little shocked at its extreme simplicity. This is a minimalist camera with just a few modes (auto, depth of field, timer). Basically the only other switch is the on-off. I grew to like this though. It strikes a nice balance between being completely free of the thousands of options that a DSLR provides, but also not being a cheap/toy camera that may take take unfocused shots or expose a complete roll of film.

One downside is its weight. It is heavier than other small film cameras that I sometimes toss in my bag, but that said, it’s not any heavier than my DSLRs. Another downside is that it takes a weird battery that I had to buy on Amazon and seems to be fading into obsolescence. All in all, though, these aren’t big problems.

I loaded the EOS up with some basic 35mm film—Fuji Superia 800 and Kodak UltraMax 400—and took it with me on some trips to Ocean Beach, Napa, and other local spots. Here are some select shots.

Horse behind a fence
My favorite horse near my in-laws place in Napa, CA
photo of Ocean Beach
Two different moods at Ocean Beach near San Francisco
a picturesque valley
A valley on some ranch land near Moraga, CA
an abandoned trailer near a road
An abandoned trailer in the redwoods near Canyon, CA, a secret little town over the hills from Oakland
looking at a vineyard through a fence
Shooting under a fence into a Napa winery, with some lens flare
cat on deck chair
My big boy Clyde, relaxing on a deck chair


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