Here’s a Node.js microservice that validates iTunes receipts

If you’re an app developer and you need to validate customers’ iTunes receipts, you’ll have to hit Apple’s API. This is especially important if your app contains subscriptions, which you’ll need to periodically check to see if they are still valid.

Unfortunately, the response JSON that Apple provides is kind of weird and bloated. For example, if a customer has a monthly renewable subscription, you’ll likely get back a bunch of objects, and you’ll need to find the latest one to properly validate their subscription.

I created a Node microservice, below, that will validate receipts and can be deployed to any cloud provider. I used Now, which is pretty awesome, by the way.

const { json } = require('micro')
const request = require('request')

module.exports = async (req, res) => {
	//get json payload, which contains receipt
	//i'm using micro, but you can use many things, like body-parser
	const reqData = await json(req);
	//create response object
	//status = request status from Apple
	//expired = is the subcription expired
	var respObj = { status: 0, expired: true, expiration: 0 }
	//hit Apple api for receipt data
	let promise = new Promise((resolve, reject) => { 
		var postData = { 'receipt-data':reqData.receipt, 'password':process.env.APP_SEC };
			url: '',
			method: 'POST',
			json: true,
			body: postData
		}, function (error, response, body){
			if (response.statusCode == 200) {
				resolve(validateResp(body, respObj));
			} else {
				reject('Error: ' + response.statusCode);

	respObj = await promise;
	return respObj; 

var validateResp = function(body, respObj) {
	//if status is not 0, the receipt is not valid
	if (body.status > 0) {
		respObj.status = body.status;
		return respObj;

	//handle multiple receipts from renewable subscriptions
	var nowMs = new Date().getMilliseconds();
	var receipts = body.receipt.in_app;
	var expirations = { return x.expires_date_ms });
	var expMs = expirations.reduce(function(x,y){ return (x>y) ? x:y });
	respObj.expiration = expMs;
	//check if expiration date is greater than current time
	if (expMs > nowMs) {
		respObj.expired = false;

	return respObj;


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