The Beauty of Skyrim

I think I’ve always loved RPGs. It was just that 20 years went by without playing one.

It started with King’s Quest. I remember booting it up from DOS. Amazing a world could emerge from all that darkness and solitary blinking.


With the help of my teenage stepbrother, I was able to understand how games are played “these days,” and I downloaded Steam. He recommended Skyrim, and around 1am one night, I finally purchased it. I remember starting the game, and, after the initial scene, realizing that I could go wherever I wanted to. I was completely blown away. Things had come so far in 20 years. During this initial period I actually woke up in the morning excited for the day because of the game.

I’ve now played Skyrim for 65 hours, and along the way I’ve been collecting screenshots. I don’t have the best gaming laptop, nor can I even run the game with anti-aliasing, but I still admire the beauty of Skyrim.





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