Music of Miami Vice

The glory days of 80s retro have come and gone with the oughts. For me it may have peaked as a nineteen-year-old at Club Beat It, but lord knows a lot of fratty/finance-y 80s parties went down much farther into the decade. And it’s clear the nineties are back.

One show worth revisiting, however, is Miami Vice. It had some fantastic music!

Devo – Going Under

Taken from Devo’s fourth album, New Traditionalists, Going Under could be about humans sucking (as a species), fascism, or any other major theme in Devo’s philosophy. But I’m putting my money on cunnilingus. This album is as filled with synth power anthems and as it is rife with sexual undertones. Seriously, almost every song on the album is about sex, just not as overt as other tunes.

Brian Ferry – Slave to Love

Living up to his namesake, Brian Ferry is a mythical man who is known to play a hand-synth and not fear repeated, long-standing camera closeups. His music gives men and women the strength to organize and speak at weddings, providing the unattached, isolated professionalism that inevitably attracts all singles at the event.

Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight

The drama! Can we see those streetlights reflecting on the hood one more time. Yet this is not even close to the drama that unfolds in this performance, the seppuku of dad-rock.

U2 – In the Name of Love

You know an LV marketing exec had that clip stuck in the back of their head when they gave birth to this tragedy.

bono - louis

Godley and Creme – Cry

I don’t know much about Godley and Creme except that the one guy’s name is Lol Creme. lol No, seriously.

And fucking Ted Nugent! The man who came up with the best album name of all time.


the nuge


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