Development Tools: Free is always good.

I thought I’d share a list of tools I use a lot in my day-to-day work. All are free, and some have weird names. The best being GIMP. Despite the cute canine mascot, all I can ever think of is that scene from Pulp Fiction.

Mac and PC

Regex Pal

Web-based regex tool. This thing can handle pretty hefty html and xml files, and thus is useful for scraping.

The Lorem Ipsum Generator That Doesn’t Suck

Straightforward and easy placeholder copy generator. Good for wireframing, html email templates, and so forth.

Send HTML Emails

Send HTML emails for free to any address using your Google or Facebook login. Perfect for testing HTML email templates.


GIMP is rad. To me, it’s kind of the ideal open source project. It probably doesn’t compare to Photoshop in the end for real designers, but for occasional front-enders like myself, it does the job and more.


Not much explaining to do for this one, if you have ever used a computer for work.



Have a LAMP stack a la Mac up in minutes. This was a must-have for a recent WordPress project.

Remote Desktop for Mac

RDP into a Windows server on your mac. For those times you just don’t want to carry your Dell into a cool coffee shop.

Sequel Pro

Clean, intuitive MySQL admin app.



I’ve used this program for years now. It’s definitely not a cool-kid text editor, but I love it.


This is great for having a quick tree view of XML files. More importantly, it allows you to easily test xpath queries. If you’re ever stuck in BizTalk Xpath hell, this app is your friend.


If you ever find yourself remoting into a Windows server and needing to download and deploy software from MSDN, this program is your friend. Those ISO files need to be cracked somehow, and you can’t drive to Rackspace’s data center to burn a CD.

And a final lesson from Good Guy Greg:

good guy steve donates


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