Agnostic Holidays: shopping locally, being ‘bougie’


Over the years I have grown increasingly–I wouldn’t say disenchanted–but perplexed with the Holidays and how I fit into them. This year I will be doing what I did last year: hanging out in a somewhat deserted megacity, watching Herzog films, coding, and spending time with the girlfriend and cat. I didn’t make it out to California to see my family, mainly because the airline industry decided to make the price of a ticket to the west coast equal to a ticket to South America. So, I’ll save my money for South America.

I did, however, get fairly into buying gifts this year. Although it sounds quite bougie, I tried to shop locally as much as possible, both because I would rather give my money to local businesses and because visiting large chain shops during the holidays makes my head explode. I couldn’t even listen to Dilla on my iPod in Anthropologie because they were blasting a band that sounds like what I think Bon Iver sounds like. And let’s not even mention H&M and the four-on-the-floor Gaga remixes, which I admit I listened to briefly last night.

So here is the list of local shops that I hit up in the past few days:

  • La Sirena (27 East Third Street) – Awesome mexican handicrafts, Día de Muertos-themed shirts, Lucha libre masks, etc.
  • Nolan (2 Prince Street) – Boutique shop that sells men’s and women’s urban clothing and jewelry. Kind of what I would want to find at Urban Outfitters, but never do.
  • Strand (828 Broadway) – Most people know the Strand. This is an awesome place to wander through at about 10pm on a night when nothing is happening. Their staff picks section is always good.
  • Puerto Rico Importing – (107 Thompson St) – Tell you the truth, I don’t get coffee here that often, because I am always down the street at Ground Support. But I ran into a friend a few days ago and he had a pound of coffee from this place and it smelled amazing. And I also like the fact that they have the beans in burlap sacks, that’s it’s super lowkey, and the baristas don’t have attitudes.

And here is my Xmas present to myself, a raven spirit animal t-shirt from Santa Fe:


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