Ryan Gosling is my grandfather

My ‘papa’ Jerry and Grandma Jean — Yes, I am serous about this.

When I was an innocent, bowl-cut-wearing, DJ Conner-looking little boy, my grandfather Jerry (who I adoringly called ‘Papa’) used to tell me crazy stories about his time as an LAPD officer. I mean really crazy stories: wiretapping mobsters, pulling guns on Al Capone, generally being a badass. For a long time I thought these were tall tales. But boy was I wrong! Years later a journalist named Paul Lieberman wrote an awesome series on my grandfather’s police squad, called L.A. Noir. I met Lieberman, and he meticulously researched my grandfather’s past, along with the lives of his fellow squad members. All the stories ‘Papa’ told were true, and the series produced a more complete picture of my grandfather. Morally ambiguous, brazen, and yes, generally a badass.

So, the studios picked up the story and developed it into the forthcoming film Gangster Squad, and now Ryan Gosling is playing my grandfather, alongside Emma Stone who will portray my grandmother, Jean. Given how meme-y Ryan Gosling is right now, this is some seriously surreal stuff for me. Not everyone logs into Facebook and sees their grandfather in Tumblrs like this one everyday. Five years ago I would have never thought I would going to watch a Hollywood action film with Gosling as my grandfather alongside Josh Brolin and Sean Penn. This is truly post-modern, or something. I end with some facts surrounding these strange events and some photos of ‘Papa’.

  1. Many women have asked me how they can meet Ryan Gosling
  2. My dad still doesn’t know who Ryan Gosling is
  3. A fancy book & computer nerd emerged from same genes as the man below
Jerry lookin’ sharp in the LA Noir days
Get out of jail free card

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