Good Little Sunday

I rode my bike over to The Armory Show this afternoon. I was fortunate enough to serendipitously acquire a vip pass, so there was no need to dish out $30. One of the first things I saw after entering was a stately portrait of Laura Dern. The group I entered with sounded like they were speaking Polish (really could have been a number of Eastern European languages), and for a moment I felt a creepy Inland Empire theme unfolding. But it ended there.

The show had lots of amazing art, and lots of beautiful people. The art dealers were dressed to the nines. Purple, suade boots, and David Lynch cuts were all the rage for men (note: looks like the Inland Empire theme continued). For ladies–Navajo shawls, grandma glasses, and generally looking like slightly more respectable versions of Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver. I overheard someone ask if “he [an artist] was pulling two.” I figured the woman was inquiring if said artist was getting $200,000 or more for his pieces. Some of the pieces had vertigo-inducing price tags. A few seemed to suck me in, beckoning me to pass out suddenly, destoying them and waking up bankrupt. Clearly this was my first big time art show.

Last night I was reading about the “uncanny valley,” which is basically the land you enter when a life-like human figure becomes really fucking creepy. Coincidentally, I encountered a faux young woman sleepwalking in panties on the show floor who was clearly hiking in the Uncanny Valley in her dream.

One of the pieces made me laugh out loud, a good thing since, for the most part, people were taking themselves very seriously. I heard someone rambling about vaguely nihilistic topics, and I looked up to find this badass little Trickster. After snapping a photo of him, a woman told me that he was taunting me as I focused my lens, saying something like “not now!” over and over again. Of course this little slice of brillance was created by an artist from Berlin. Someone once told me Brooklyn was Berlin Lite™.

Speaking of taxidermy, it’s too bad that I didn’t get a shot of the real walrus head covered in iridescent beetle wings that I saw at the other art show down the Hudson, Pulse. That may have been the highlight of the weekend. But this gang wasn’t too bad either…

More photos…


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