An Afternoon at Coney Island

The F train stops on corner of my street and continues all the way to Coney Island. Today I decided to get on the train with a few cameras in tow. I couldn’t tell how long the ride was because I was engrossed in reading The Dog of the South. I think it took around 45 minutes. I knew I was there because the train made this horrible screetching noise–the same howl that trains in Peru make when they have reached the end of the line, oddly enough.

I exited the train, walked down the stairs, and spotted this creepy painting on a glass wall inside the station.

I felt a sense of excitement when I passed by this foreboding image. I figured if MTA managed to post this green monster on the wall, there was more oddity in store once I walked out of the station. And boy was I right. When I spotted the dilapidated carnival rides and graffiti-covered game booths, I felt at one with the strangeness of Coney Island. It might not be strange for a New Yorker, but for someone from the West Coast, it may have well been Mars.

So please allow me to walk you through my Coney experience, in pictures:

I was happy to see a game called “Shoot the Freak” set in a sketchy abandoned lot, where you can shoot a man with a paintball gun 75 times for $20! However, upon further examination, I realized that the booth may be closed down. As my friend Nick’s grandpa always said: “you know the economy is really bad when the live human target shooting gallery has closed its doors.”

Along the boardwalk I encountered this elderly gentleman skipping rope on a bench in the sand. Legend has it he had all the ladies he wanted in his youth, due to his abnormal clam spinning abilities.

Sometimes I wonder where the 21 million people in the New York City metropolitan area hide away. Then I remember there are buildings like these everywhere.

Just soaking up the rays by the palm tree. Wait, this isn’t a real palm tree. Is it a cell phone tower? Are the authorities watching us beachgoers? Are they watching this young man feverishly shooting a carnival rifle? I think yes.

And now I leave you with a touching black and white landscape.


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