Window Seat

I really enjoy shooting photos during flights. I realized that I have never witnessed someone else do this. I think it enhances the flight, at least for those passengers with an interest in photography. I suppose most would rather watch the latest Pixar film, and I’m therefore not enhancing the flight in the least by refusing to kindly lower my window shade.

Here are two shots from a San Francisco to D.C. flight. Both were taken on the east side of the Sierras. I remember, many years ago, shooting a whole roll of film on a flight from Las Vegas to Oakland. There were high winds over the Sierras, and huge plumes of snow were tearing up canyons and exploding over ridges. Sadly, I was young, dumb, and hungover, and I lost the roll. This was an attempt to make up for it.

Update 2010:

from over the Atlantic

And again over the Atlantic (Long Island) in 2011:


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